An Orgasm a Day

by Kim Anami Sex and Relationship Coach


Sexual energy is life-force energy. By staying connected to it on a daily basis, we deepen our connection to ourselves, our lover and our purpose in life. We become more efficient as parents, friends and we can tap into this energy for healing and rejuvenation. Plus, the neurotransmitters and hormones produced during sex and orgasm make you beautiful, more attractive to the opposite sex, AND increase your income. It’s true, having powerful sex makes you more money. Sex and money are strongly related. 

Orgasms are superfuel. Contrary to a very confused Western medical perspective, there are several different types of female orgasms. The ancient Taoists spoke of three orgasms women have: clitoral, G-Spot and cervical. You can also have A-Spot, U-Spot, anal, nipple-gasms and ear-gasms! 

Since sexual energy is creative energy, even if you aren’t having sex, you can still harness this energy and infuse it into your life and relationships. Not doing so can lead to health problems ranging from lethargy, depression, congestion in the reproduction organs (cancers and cysts), weight problems, angry outbursts and emotional imbalances. Yes, all from not having enough orgasmic energy flowing through one’s life!

The best ways to harness your sexual energy are:

  1. Having regular sex dates, if even with just yourself; and
  2. Deep breathing during arousal and as you approach orgasm. Breath recirculates energy in the body. Most people hold the breath during sex (and especially at orgasm). By breathing instead throughout the build and climax, you will find yourself energized and revitalized after sex. After great sex, I always feel inspired to write and create. Also, by incorporating your breath, you will intensify your orgasm as well as have it last longer. 

Sexual energy and your orgasms are a massive source of energy, creativity and pleasure that ought to be a daily staple. 

To learn more on how to harness sexual energy in your life to increase everything from beauty to finances, check out Kim’s free video series: How to Be a Well-F**ked Woman.

You're Done! And now an Orgasmic being
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