Blessed were the days when you had a really great lover who rocked your world on a consistent basis

Your mornings were all about basking in the pleasure that they gave you the night before; your afternoons, what you wanted them to do to you that evening; and your nights were spent in action, making your dreams a reality.


You walked around with a big smile pasted on your face.

Issues that arose no longer stopped you; in them you saw opportunities for creativity.

Breakthrough ideas surged into your mind when least expected.

People gravitated towards you more so than usual.

Everything flowed perfectly and effortlessly.


This is what it is like to live a turned-on life.

Now for the best news of the day: you do not need to have a great lover in your life to feel this way on a daily basis. Being turned-on is more than a physical experience. It is a daily hit of ecstasy. It is a Way of Life.

It takes consistent and frequent practice of the habits that constitute this way of life to make it an adopted lifestyle. Much like consistent and frequent practice of dance makes you a dancer. 

This is why we take on transformative Challenges. "30 days to rock-hard abs", "30 days to buns of steel"... Because these Challenges provide us with the structure and accountability that we need to change habits, create a new way of life, and transform.

So Welcome to your 30-day Sensuality Challenge

 Your Challenge is to read, take it all in, and try it on regardless of initial judgments. Notice what works, notice what doesn't. Accept the experience for what it is and what it is not. Adopt when it feels good. 

My commitment to you is that by the end of this Challenge, you will have stimulated your mind, body & senses in entirely new ways. You will have discovered what titillates you, reconnected your mind & body, found courage in your intimacy, and even reached a heightened state in your sexuality.

Who wouldn't want that? Time has come to Turn on your Sexy!

Each Challenge theme will be split into modules to help you navigate through the content. This week's modules are: 


Challenge Progress


1) Complete the questionnaire

  • Take time to reflect on your answers: Which ones surprised you? Which ones do you want to transform?

2) Feng Shui your intimate space

  • De-clutter
  • Buy new bedding in warm or neutral colors if necessary
  • Research/source decor and art that speak to you 
  • Make the first night in your "new" space and bed a ritual: take a hot shower, moisturize, light up a candle and revel

3) Pick 2 of the 8 proposed health practices (in doubt, pick the first 2)

  • Implement every day until we meet again

4) Try 1 or more of the Meal Planning options

5) Attempt 1 Breakfast recipe

6) Journal how you want to feel with your body, sensuality and sexuality

Featured Media

MOVIE: Lost it? Get your Groove back - How Stella Got her Groove Back

MUSIC: Today is the first day of the rest of your life - It's a New Day Pt. 1 and 2 - James Brown