Feng Shui your Boudoir

What a better way to start these 30 days than by majorly Feng Shui-ing your intimate space? Adjustments made should promote intimacy and de-clutter your Boudoir, which shall consequently become a temple of superior sensory experience. Surround yourself with things that keep you present and connected (and no, this does not include a giant plasma screen); things that you love to see, touch, smell, taste, hear. In short, things that make your sensual self tick!

If you just do not know where to start and your bedroom currently is reminiscent of Hiroshima circa 1945, let me offer 5 easy adjustments which will take your space from "post-war devastation" to "cozy nest for naked Sundays".

The Bed: In our lifetime, most of us mere mortals will spend a third of our life... in bed. At my house, the Bed (I am capitalizing the word in reverence) is the epicenter of life. It is where rejuvenation, awakening, ideas, education, intimacy, and orgasms happen, and this is nothing to be taken lightly. Invest in a good bed, the kind that won't droop, be lumpy, or give you a wicked backache. De-clutter it: while pillows are fun, too many pillows are smothering. You need to be able to lay down/jump/fall on the Bed without having to remove obstacles first. Make it soft: no need for fancy sateen sheets (which are slippery and can actually be dangerous, speaking from experience here); old-fashioned cotton or linen sheets are wonderful. Add a soft, fluffy quilt on top of it all. And, very important: remove any storage from under the bed. Now that, is Feng Shui.

Electronic Equipment: None. You heard me. Firstly, they produce static, generate positive ions, and disturb the natural cycle of sleep, contrary to popular opinion that watching TV actually puts you to sleep. Keep the home cinema, computer, cell phone, ipod, ipad, iwhatever else out of the bedroom, and treat it like a sacred space. Because it is!

Colors: Pinks and peaches are believed to invite love. Accents of red (from bright, cherry red, to rich, dark burgundy red) are known to bring excitement and passion. And we want all of the above in the bedroom, don't we? If like me you are not a pink enthusiast, I suggest soft cream walls, neutral colors for the bedding (white, natural linen, cream, taupe, even nice rich browns), and pops of red in the decor to open up your heart, among other things.

Credit- A room with a View

Credit- A room with a View

Lighting: Top lighting shall be banned from the Boudoir. Firstly, squinting is not sexy. Secondly, nothing is more unflattering than top lighting hitting all of our wobbly bits. Table lamps are the way to go.

Art and Decor: De-clutter the space. Identify pieces of art that best express your definition and idea of romance, love, passion, fire, desire, sex, pleasure; strategically hang or position them in your bedroom. The first and last thing you see during the day tends to condition your view of the world and to act as a vision board of sorts by helping you manifest it into your life. Best to make it delicious! If you are not sure what art does it for you yet: you can never go wrong with a copy of Klimt's The Kiss hanging on the wall, or a beautiful wood carving of a couple in a passionate embrace. If you are in a relationship, hang those great shots of you as a couple (and remove photos of anyone else, including children). Single? Schedule that boudoir photo shoot you've always wanted to do, and hang the best shots in your very own, private gallery. Single and wanting not to be? Arrange objects - frames, candles, lamps - in pairs.

In a recent conversation with my lovely friend and major Sensualist, Seattle-based Burlesque babe Lily Verlaine, I asked her if she had thoughtfully created her home space with sensuality in mind. She responded:

"I painted my bedroom walls in a color that works well with my skin tone. So that when my lover looks at me, I look good against the backdrop."

Well then! 


Challenge Progress


1) Complete the questionnaire

  • Take time to reflect on your answers: Which ones surprised you? Which ones do you want to transform?

2) Feng Shui your intimate space

  • De-clutter
  • Buy new bedding in warm or neutral colors if necessary
  • Research/source decor and art that speak to you 
  • Make the first night in your "new" space and bed a ritual: take a hot shower, moisturize, light up a candle and revel

3) Pick 2 of the 8 proposed health practices (in doubt, pick the first 2)

  • Implement every day until we meet again

4) Try 1 or more of the Meal Planning options

5) Attempt 1 Breakfast recipe

6) Journal how you want to feel with your body, sensuality and sexuality

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