Boost your Stamina, Naturally

 Maca Root Powder

Maca Root Powder

Maca root used to be consumed by Incan warriors to boost their stamina during long battles. Nowadays and for us modern-day amazons, Maca root provides lasting energy and promotes sexual health.

It can be found in powder form online or in health food stores; make sure to buy it organic to avoid metal contamination.

Start with a 1/4 tsp a day with breakfast and work your way up to 1 tsp a day if you do not experience any negative effect: in a glass of water, in your hot or cold cereal, in your smoothie, or in your protein shake.


Challenge Progress


1) Complete the questionnaire

  • Take time to reflect on your answers: Which ones surprised you? Which ones do you want to transform?

2) Feng Shui your intimate space

  • De-clutter
  • Buy new bedding in warm or neutral colors if necessary
  • Research/source decor and art that speak to you 
  • Make the first night in your "new" space and bed a ritual: take a hot shower, moisturize, light up a candle and revel

3) Pick 2 of the 8 proposed health practices (in doubt, pick the first 2)

  • Implement every day until we meet again

4) Try 1 or more of the Meal Planning options

5) Attempt 1 Breakfast recipe

6) Journal how you want to feel with your body, sensuality and sexuality

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