Make it Happen

Telling stories is great fun. But engaging in the actual act is even more so!

Declare, alone or with your lover, that you will be indulging a particular fetish or fantasy, and agree on a timeframe.

Set it up in your calendar.

Start preparing for it, sourcing the objects, the costumes, the foods... that are needed to create your world.

If you are doing this with a lover, build the anticipation. Text each other every time something gets accomplished, with associated pics: "I just ordered my latex corset. What do you think? [insert picture]" "I bought handcuffs this afternoon. I cannot wait to try them on you tomorrow night. [insert picture]"

If you are doing this on your own, fear not. Even without Jabba the Hutt, Princess Leia laying there, alone in her gold bikini, is still pretty hot.

You're Done!

Thank you for participating in the first ever '30 days to turn on your Sexy' Challenge!

I would LOVE for you to take a moment and provide me with feedback on how this program was for you. To do so, please complete this anonymous survey.

I am committed to using your feedback and to make this program the best that it can be.

Thank you again for your confidence, openness and wonderful sense of adventure.

With love, 



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Featured Media

MOVIE: Short from Seattle's Hump Film Festival 2011 that might just make you develop a fetish for Centaurs - Mythical Proportions

IMAGES: Domination. One of the most common fetishes/fantasies

Image by  Art by Bones

Image by Art by Bones