Unbridled Intimacy: To do's and not to do's

Two sensual beings are having lunch. The explosively sensuous and Seattle-based Lily Verlaine and I are of course, discussing Sensuality and Sexuality with great animation.

When Lily started listing what to do and not to do to encourage unbridled intimacy, I took notes:

  1. Do not wear items that are too cumbersome or too precious
  2. Do not wear anything scratchy
  3. Perfume well advance to let the alcohol evaporate so it does not end up in your lover's mouth
  4. Have irreproachable personal hygiene. Take a shower, check for unwanted hair
  5. Build anticipation, let yourself daydream
  6. Think beautiful thoughts; think about something that turns you on and helps you project insane levels of sexuality

Agreed on all of the above. She clearly has thought this through, and we sure are glad she did.