Foods that go places

After exploring at length Sexy foods in Theme # 4, "Taste the Sexy", I do not need to further explain the absolute sensuality of food, the importance of what you choose to eat and how you go about eating it.

Now, what are the foods that can "go places"?

As much as I want to recommend brushing your lover's thigh with a branch of broccoli, it is not going to happen. Too absurd for me. But if you are brave enough to try and are able to create a wildly sensual and sexual experience out of doing it, please reach out to me immediately to let me know.

I recently got the confirmation that I am not the only one thinking about foods that could go places, as a friend of mine confessed wanting to insert a Snickers bar in his lover's sex and eat it out of there.

I propose going the non-junk food route and engaging fresh, local, organic produce. Here are a few ideas:

  • Battling for a pomegranate seed with your tongues while French kissing with a lover. Who will get to eat it?
  • Having a section of mandarin fruit or a slice of mango plunged between your legs.
  • Halving a cherry tomato and sliding it all over your lover's chest, almost crushing it, squirting its seeds out on their skin.
  • Holding twin cherries by their joined stems; trailing them from the tip of your lover's toes all the way up to their face. Letting the cherries sink into creases, bounce over bumps. Circling them around the nipples, dipping them into their mouth.
  • And the mother of all food play, and one of my most cherished fantasies: breaking out in a food battle at dinner time while preparing the food and loving each other madly in the gooey mess.

I have not forgotten of course the power of foods that can be smeared and savored off of particular body parts.

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